2 Vassar Bushmills Books on Kindle and PDF e-book format: a Trump Primer and Essays on the Common Man


Well, I can’t say they’re flying off the shelves, or supplies are limited.

One is topical, about Donald Trump’s connection with the common man, or as the editors at RedState refer to average Americans, “idiots”, and which caused me to decide to support Trump.

The other is a series of essays about the common man, for whom the US Constitution was written. It will give you a perspective of the dreams of liberty as seen from the bottom-up, nd also a flavor of how I write and see things, as I’d like to find a print publisher, if you know one.


If you don’t do Kindle, for a direct eBook from me, just send 3.99 via Paypal at tektrans@msn.com and email me at vbushmills@yahoo.com with an email site to send.



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