When a Bad Man’s Down, Kick Him

But watch out for that shank in his shoe.

Good job, Mr John Boehner, and to your team as well. And to the freshmen and a lot of citizens who kept your feet to the fire.

Just don’t get rolled this next week.

We’ve been saying here for awhile that this first face-to-face confrontation is about taking your opponent’s measure, not the money, not the policy issues.  All that is secondary until you’ve looked in their eyes and seen the fear or the resolve. And the blink.

That was Newt’s mistake back in ’95. In fact, that was the mistake of the entire Class of ’94. They thought policy; the math, the facts, the Truth, spoke for themselves.

Nope, first you have to look ’em in the eye.

This won’t be the only time either. Only, always watch your back. Always watch for that boot shank or that shiv inside the belt. Ever see one? Here.

They are standard issue over on the other side of the aisle.

They lost, and worse, know they will continue losing, all the way into the 2012 election. Like cornered rats, that’s when they can get dangerous, as Scott Walker is also learning in Wisconsin.

For now they will try to save face on Sunday TV with posturing, and while I usually argue that it is a dangerous thing to rub a man’s face in his loss of face, the one exception to that rule is when he had every intention of destroying you in the first place.

So to hell with Marquis of Queensbury, fair play or sportsmanship. You have Harry Reid down.

So don’t let him up.

Amidst “the mud, the blood, and the beer”…Kick ‘im.

For you have just renamed Harry Reid, Sue.

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