It’s Not Him, It’s Them

(h/t, to Robert Redford for a suit that actually is filled out, Clark Gable for the ears, Rolls Royce for the O’smobile, $ for the artwork, and last but not least, Barack Obama for the punchline.)

Be ever mindful about one thing the next 18 months:

It’s not him, it’s Them.

From the very beginning there was always something about Barack Obama most people didn’t like. Before he ever opened his mouth, there was a certain something about him you didn’t like. I know.

But to be honest a lot of people did like him then and still like him now, and they are quick to say that what you don’t like about Barack Obama is that he is black. Being a fellow from those old racial days, I could even give that notion a little play…if I could just find one thing about Barack Obama that is remotely black. But I can’t.

In fact, he has a pasty unnatural countenance, as if he’s stepped out of a cemetery. Only he doesn’t frighten. He doesn’t scare. People don’t fear a person they can beat up, and my sister’s cat can beat Barack Obama up.

Or lead? He couldn’t lead a mare out of a stable. Command? How can one command when he is scarcely aware others are even in the room with him? His voice inflects indifference with every sentence, unless that sentence is about him.

But it’s equally uneasy to laugh at him. People sense they should take Barack Obama deadly serious…and it’s the why of this, not Him, we need to consider.


There is a type of person who reflexively repels ordinary people. I should say, “working people” as distinguished between ordinary people who are also interested in Obama’s stash. They’re ordinary, too, only in a different more sad way.

Yes, even ordinary people have taste. So, it’s not necessarily the guy in the tux, but the guy in the tux, his elbow on the chest, looking everyone in the room up and down, making snide comments, mentally comparing himself to them. His eyes say everything. It isn’t Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”, but Jack Nicholson in “Carnal Knowledge” that we see here.


But people such as these naturally attract others, even if they don’t attract us. And these other people see the world exactly opposite of ours, always have, always will, and will always see in the Barack Obama “type” a thing that represents their own sense of superiority and self-importance.

To Them Barack Obama is cool because of his one singular achievement; he got all the breaks.

With Them it was always Them vs US, and Barack Obama is their perfect representative, although for the life of us all, We nor Them are sure what it is he actually does.

But does it matter?


We have been asking this same question for over two years now; is Barack Obama as dumb as a box of rocks or is he really cunning and wise, if only in a socialist sense?

Now true academicians are generally stupid about common sensical things, and Obama, on that account is certainly no exception. We’re not supposed to feel anything but a little amusement about such people; the book worm who can’t change a flat, or know which end of the rifle the rounds come out of. We chortle because we know they still play an important role in the life of our culture. (That is coming to an end, I think, about a whole segment of Them in academia.)

But LadyPenguin believes Obama has much deeper psychological problems, and it would be difficult to dispute her analyses.

For is he really even all that smart in his academic world? His record of scholarship is as absent as his mind often seems to be . There is something to be said that his entire academic past is still a canard, now that his birth certificate is a lead pipe cinch. (Heh) And because of this, I think more and more of those genuine critical thinkers who were first drawn into Obama’s intellectual orbit in 2007-2008, people like Peggy Noonan, can see a veneer of phoniness there, not just in his politics, but in his faux intellectualism. (We knew this all the time Peggy, instinctively, but as always, our betters had to find out the hard way. C’est la vie!)

Now we all know Obama is a man uncomfortable in his shoes anywhere in public unless also wearing a teleprompter tethered to his belt.

Still, close your eyes and listen to Barack Obama without visuals, then compare his public performances with the few available audio-clips of him speaking to groups where no cameras were around, when he is talking to his own, and you will note a decided difference in timbre and ease.

Then you can know there are people out there besides his caddy, with whom Barack Obama not only feels comfortable with, but also feels in charge.

Barack Obama is no mere doped-up o’puppet who must be kept away from burgers and Slurpees, or the golf course, so as to be marched in front of a group of students in Ames City or workers in Detroit to restate some stale bromide about it all being Bush’s fault.

Obama is in on the Plan.


But he almost for certain didn’t write it. Them did. And he almost for certain isn’t calling the shots, for almost all the shots he does call have be walked back away from. He didn’t plan Libya or Arab Spring. Them did. He didn’t sic the NLRB on Boeing. Them did.

And these all fit, somehow in to a unified plan. But not because of him. Them.

About what I am about to say, take heed.

Barack Obama has become the Left’s biggest liability. Let me explain, for prayer is involved.

For those who began questioning Obama early in 2008…his intellect, his cunning, his leadership and command skills, or lack thereof…Them was also being considered, although no face(s) could be attached to any concrete Plan. George Soros has been mentioned, but still today, it is the unnamed who worry me most.

There was a “plan”, of this I am sure, and all sorts of people on our side set out to divine what it is. Or was. For you see, in my business your first inclination, once you know of a plan, is to try to throw it off its rails as quickly as possible. Upset the timing, for we also knew the Left can’t plan and fight on the run. They’re like the Japanese in WWII; a few planners, heavy with officers who knew their compartmentalized roles of execution only, but never the total mission, and front line soldiers who only knew to yell “Banzai!” and fix bayonets. Mess up “their plan” and precious few captains, much less corporals, knew what to do other than squat down in the mud and wait for the last charge.

It’s cultural, and the Left has never been good with extemporaneous planning either. They favor their officers and look upon their soldiers as pond scum.

Anyway, a whole lot of things early in Obama’s regime have caused them to have to rethink their “plan”, and rethink it on the move, for things have moved pretty fast.

The primary cause of this has been the tea party movement, which the Left never saw coming, and after almost two years of trying, and one horrific election, Them still cannot reshape (the tea party movement) into something Them (with the help of the media) can manipulate, such as a monolithic party.

In every plan they now have going forward, the “tea party effect” is the big “X” in their equation. It was the “X” in Wisconsin. They see “tea party” in the debt ceiling negotiations, congressional blowback on the War Powers act, and even in the stiffening of some spines in the American corporate sector.

None of these things were supposed to happen…so soon.

But worst of all, the film from people’s eyes wasn’t supposed to fall so quickly about Barack Obama. If at all.

I’m really unsure why this has happened, for it is inside-Them politics, away from our eyes and ears. Maybe Them misjudged Barack as a person. Maybe Them never saw the absent part. (Highly likely, in my view.) But also, maybe Them misassessed their own core constituency; the poor, who’s figured out he ain’t got a stash, and worse, he’s whiter than he is black, to the radical Cindy Sheehan- Code Pinkos who’ve figured out he’s as malleable as a politician (duhh!) about GITMO, Afghanistan, and war in general. If he has a Big Picture, it isn’t theirs.

But it is someone’s. It’s Them’s.

Beyond this, all I can say, after all this folderol, is pray for Barack Obama.

I mean it.

What I want most is to defeat him and his kind in November, 2012, and move this country back upon the road to fiscal, cultural and Constitutional recovery.


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